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"I have been investing in the stock market since I was in college, making small value investments with mixed success. I am great with corporate financials but reading charts is challenging for me. This report gave me a great, and easy-to-understand introduction to incorporating technical analysis into my stock picks and entry timing. Highly recommend for new and more seasoned part-time investors like myself!" -- Bob (Boulder, CO)

"I'd always wanted to dabble in stocks but there's so much information out there I found it too intimidating. I love this article because it game me confidence in my own gut instincts and taught me how to look at data to check my instincts. I finally know what a stochastic oscillator is!" -- Nick (Lubbock, TX)

"Mike's report has a lot of "meat" and not one ounce of fluff. I've already read it three times! I'm so inspired to change my financial future now that I have the blueprint to do it!" - - Jennie (Hickory, NC)

"Like many beginning investors, I look at stock charts all the time, but I don't know what I'm looking at.  This guide breaks down everything I need to know about these charts, letting me make better decisions about my portfolio." --  (Sarah, Navarre, FL)

"By learning how to use the correct tools for technical analysis I was better able to time my market entry and exit positions, Additionally, it helped to set up straddles and hedges to reduce the downside risk. Every trader needs to have knowledge of these technical tools in order to build a strong portfolio." -- William (Las Vegas, NV)


It's All about Timing

"This article provides a great, easy-to-understand breakdown of basic trading strategies. I love content like this because it makes technical data much more accessible for me. Thanks to this content, I've been able to pursue a value-based trading strategy that has netted me huge returns already." -- Nick (Lubbock, TX)

"As a college student, I learned that Warren Buffet is a value investor and decided that I would be too. I discovered that finding value is not nearly as important as timing market entry. Mike gave me great advice on determining not just what to buy, but when to buy it. I and my portfolio thank him." -- Troy (Los Angeles, CA)

"Using technical analysis for the timing of making an investment based on value-investing principles is a very sophisticated strategy. After the fundamentals of a company undergo strict analysis and it is selected for an investment, then technical analysis shows the best timing for taking an advantageous position in the stock." -- William (Las Vegas, NV)

"This starts with an analysis of the four familiar investment strategies, but then it taught me how to use these strategies together to maximize my investment profits." -- Sarah (Navarre, FL)

"Mike's technical analysis article was an instant plus for me. It took arcane technical investing and summarized it down into a very clear explanation with good examples. Why can't all investment advice be as helpful as this type of finance writing?" -- Tom (Sacramento, CA)


Avoid the Troubled Waters of the Investment Sea

"Investing seems so complex and I have never understood how to use the stock market in an intelligent way. Mike taught me the meaning of value investing and showed me how, as an investment strategy, value investing makes my money work for me while mitigating risk." -- George (Tampa, FL)

"Until now, I let others worry about my investment strategy, but no more! Thank you for the eye-opening advice. It has inspired me to finally get more involved in my own financial future." ­-- Jennie (Newton, NC)

"This is great information that makes it easier to stay on track. It is nice to be reminded by the experts of the strength in value-investing that plans for what can go wrong, accepts volatility, and gives an investor intestinal fortitude to withstand temporary downturns without panicking, for long-term success." -- William (Las Vegas, NV)

"I have a large part of my portfolio invested in emerging markets and new technologies.  This report explained the dangers and advantages of these uncharted waters, and gave me a strategy for improving my investments, decreasing my risk, and increasing my wealth." -- Sarah (Navarre, FL)

"Ben's article is a reminder to all of us that the elusive, sky-rocketing Google investment happens less often than lightning striking, and that smart investment always has a safety plan. It's tips like these that when followed often saves a portfolio from complete wipeout with a "unique" idea called a safety net." -- Tom (Sacramento, CA)

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