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As a self-trained day trader, turned long-term value investor, Mike Zeth brings a unique perspective to Rock Stock.

After learning early lessons about diversification and not trusting anyone but himself to manage his personal portfolio. He watched as his nearly half a billion dollar nest egg collapse on Black Monday in 1987. All his net worth was in only a couple of similar stocks and he spent the next ten years rebuilding. But he did it -- and went beyond that -- rebuilding his portfolio's worth to upwards of $750 million.

When Mike says he writes from experience, he means it and backs it up with a lifetime spent in the “school of hard knocks.” You can trust that he will “tell it like it is,” and will not pull any punches when advising readers about the stock market. Every article he writes for Rock Stock draws on real life lessons he learned working for two of the largest companies in the world and as an entrepreneur.

He spent nearly half of his business career interacting with highly paid executives of major corporations and learned a lot about the world of business, marketing, and finance. With a major in Business Management and a minor in Accounting, Mike understands the world of business. He applies this knowledge to explain the importance of investigating the business behind any stock decision.

As a day trader before the internet is what it is today, he built an extensive library of hardcover books including The Motley Fool Investment Guide, The Master Swing Trader, Timing the Stock Market, Day Trading Online and many more. Every book is dog-eared and triple highlighted with notes documenting lessons learned.

He uses these lessons to guide both beginning and experienced investors. He is also a student of history and uses historical perspective to both entertain and educate his readers. He loves to take an incident from history and relate it to current situations. One of his favorite quotes is “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana, the Life of Reason, 1905

He spent over twenty years managing partnerships within Fortune Fifty Companies like IBM and Digital Equipment (DEC) and working with companies like Carrier, United Technologies, Eastman Kodak, Alcoa and others.

He delivers a message that is readable by everyone yet targeted at investors who understand "bottom line" terminology.

Married for over 40 years, Mike recently lost his wife of over 40 years and now writes full time. He is the father of three daughters and "Papa" to six grandchildren.

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