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Our #1 goal is to grow your portfolio's wealth for easy retirement. We believe the best approach to stock picking is to analyze company's fundamentals, gaining an understanding of its strategy, market, and competition. In other words, rather than relying on biased news sources, come to your own conclusions with the deep research we provide. We help you investigate companies of interest, and evaluate their profitability and future prospects. Published by Mike Zeth. A ground level, gear-grinding, investment guru, who lost half a billion on Black Monday in 1987. Shifting his investment strategy to diversification and building my money through long-term value investments has re-built his portfolio well beyond what he lost. And recently losing his wife of 40 years has brought new purpose and focus to helping others like you grow their wealth like he has. And he knows she is saying what she always has "share what you've learned to the world honey." This is his oath to her.

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