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Making Money from the Internet of Things

Don’t Get Left in the Dust Again I’ve been following what the industry has affectionately dubbed “IOT” for “Internet of Things” now for ...

Tesla's Terrific 2015

It's not been the best of birthdays for Elon Musk, the great American entrepreneur who will likely go to his grave as fondly remembered as Andrew Carnagie or Henry ...

The Surface Hub: Microsoft's Newest Cash Cow?

The laundry list of companies snapped up by Microsoft (MSFT on the NASDAQ, trading for $45.26 a share) may seem either impressive or unimpressive depending on your ...

The GE Deal: Smoke and Mirrors

Mark Twain famously said that there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.  In the world of finance where numbers drive decisions every second of every day, it can be ...

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