About Us

We are your own private battalion.  Your trusted Iron Wing defense unit. 

In perilous times like these, when even your own government may seem to have turned against you, we are your patriot brothers standing at the ready. 

Ready to defend and grow your financial well-being and wealth beyond any measure you might have thought possible. 

Ready to protect your health and your family's health as if it were our own. 

Ready to steer you safely through financial ambushes and current politically spawned minefields. 

When no one else is looking out for you, you can rest easy knowing we are always besides you in the trenches.

And after these battles are won together, we help you live life to the fullest and enjoy the rich spoils of your victories. 

We are the Iron Wing.  And we've always got your six.

Your Personal Defense Squadron,

Mike Zeth, Rock Stock

Joe Avedis, Rainy Day Money

Ethan Kovitz, Golf Aces Club

Alex Wayne, Health Edge

Benjamin Gilpin, Intelligence Bullets 


Your credit card statement will read "AW*rockstocktips.com18882551137"

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